3 Types Of Coverage You Need To Make Sure You Have With Homeowner’s Insurance

Having the right coverages and amounts of homeowner's insurance is vital if you want to fully protect your home and everything you own. To make sure you have enough coverage, you should contact a homeowner's insurance agency to speak to someone about your needs, and the agent you speak to might discuss the following three important types of coverage you might need.

1. Coverage for all the structures on your property or storage units 

One thing you should discuss with an agent is coverage for any structures you have on your property and for structures you rent or own that are not on your property. In most cases, a home insurance policy will cover every structure on the property; however, you may have to list each one on the policy. In other words, if you did not list one of the buildings you have and it caught on fire, it might not be covered. Therefore, you should make sure you list each one if you want coverage for all of them.

If you own or rent some type of storage shed or building on a different property, you may need to also add it to your policy separately if you want coverage for it. You can talk to your agent to find out exactly how to go about doing this.

2. Coverage for every personal item you own

Secondly, you should discuss all the things you own with your agent to ensure that every item is fully covered. A normal policy will not cover special, unusual, or expensive items unless they are listed as add-ons to the policy. If you have items that could fall into one of these categories, discuss the item with your agent.

3. Additional living expense coverage

The final thing to make sure you have is called additional living expense (ALE) coverage, as this will be very useful if you must move out of your house for a temporary period of time due to a problem within your house. The problem could be damage from a fire or from water, or it could be damage from vandalism. Whatever the case is, ALE coverage will help you cover all the extra bills you would have if you had to move out.

Having these three types of coverage is vital if you want to protect all your assets. You can learn more about homeowner's insurance coverage by contacting an agency today.