Learn About The Evils Of Hail

Hail can be fun and exciting for people who live in areas that don't get snow. They see those small, nonthreatening pieces of hail quickly come down to turn everything white that they may have never seen get white before. However, larger hail can be threatening to people, animals, homes, and cars. If you don't understand how hail can be such a threat, then you'll want to continue on with this article that is going to give you an education on hail and the different ways it can pose risks to these different things.

Hail can be harmful to your well-being

When larger hail falls from the sky, it doesn't do so gently. When those balls of hail hit, they will hit you hard. If you get hit in a certain part of your body at the wrong angle, then it can even be life threatening. The hail can also leave you severely bruised. If you are hit by one hail ball hard enough to bruise you, then you're going to likely end up with many bruises since hail comes down like rain, and this means you'll get hit by many, many hail balls that are all hitting you with that same amount of force. If you are hit in the face, then you can end up with serious eye injuries, a broken nose, broken teeth, etc.

Hail can be harmful to your home

When large hail hits your home, it can cause a lot of damage to many different parts of your home's exterior. It should be obvious that hail can break your windows, but it can also cause damage to the window screens, as well as the window frames. Hail can cause damage to the roof of your home, the flashing, the eaves, the gutters, and the downspouts. It can even damage the exterior walls, causing dents in the siding or chipping off the paint. Your garage door can end up with a lot of damage as well.

Hail can be harmful to your car

Your car can become severely damaged if a hailstorm strikes while you are driving your car or while you have the car parked outside when a hailstorm happens. Just like the windows in your home, the windows and the windshield in your car can be broken when hail hits them. However, your entire car can end up with dents all over it after the hail strikes.


There may not be anything you can do to prevent damage to your home from hail, but you want to get inside a building when hail starts coming down, so you can avoid injury. If in your car, try to get your car under an awning or in a garage as soon as possible to avoid both damage to the car and injury to yourself should windows get broken while you are in the car. As soon as you can, you are going to want to let your insurance carrier know about the damages incurred from hail.

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