Adding Your Teenage Driver to Your Insurance? Tips to Reduce Monthly Rates

When you add a teenage driver to your auto insurance policy, you may find that it is a good idea to save as much money as possible. Teen drivers are not necessarily bad drivers, but they do lack the experience and decision-making skills that many adult drivers have. For this reason, auto insurance rates often increase when you add a teen to your policy.

So, how can you avoid that scary increase in premium prices when you add your child to your policy? These tips will help you.

Good Grades Count

For many auto insurance companies, getting good grades is one way to get better deals. If your high school or college student has a good GPA, you might ask if submitting their transcripts will help lower the price of your auto insurance premium.

Driver's Education May Help

You may also be able to benefit from driver's education courses, which train your teen on how to drive safely and follow local laws and regulations. Your auto insurance company might be willing to give you a discount for this extra education.

Keep Educating Your Child

Simply because your child has his or her driver's license does not mean you should stop teaching them to drive. You can save cash on your auto insurance policy by avoiding accidents on your policy, so teach your child defensive driving techniques that help them spot problems before they develop. The first year of driving can be especially risky, so pay attention to areas where your teen could improve and become a safer driver.

Set Safe Guidelines & Boundaries

You can also help reduce the chance that an accident will happen by paying attention to your child's personal life and safety. For instance, you can reduce the risk of an accident occurring by giving your child a curfew and limiting how many friends they can have in the car.

Choose a Car Wisely

It is also smart to select a car for your child that has a safe reputation but also does not have a loan attached to it. Leasing or buying a car with a loan might mean you face higher insurance rates.

Reach Out to Your Auto Insurance Company

Sometimes auto insurance companies can help you figure out the best ways to save money. Reach out to various auto insurance ​providers to learn more about your options for safer driving and lower premium prices.