Learn If Your Homeowner’s Policy Provides For Animal Damage

While you might have purchased your homeowner's insurance policy understanding that it won't provide coverage for everything that could go wrong on your property, you might be confused about whether or not your policy provides coverage for animals who either live in your home or live on your property. In reality, your insurance may or may not provide coverage for your animals. Your insurance carrier's underwriting department will first have to perform an investigation. After collecting all of the facts of the incident being claimed, they'll need to decide based on factors like: 

  • What type of damage was caused? 
  • What types of animals are involved? 
  • Do the issues being claimed fall under health issues or actual structural damage issues? 

Take a look at some common examples that home insurance may or may not provide coverage for. 

Your prized exotic cat scratched your home's siding

Exotic pets are wild animals that have been extracted from their natural habitat for the sole purpose of being used (often improperly) as domestic animals. Exotic is a quaint term used to cover up the fact that wild animals were never meant to be exposed to domestic properties, people, or scenarios. Their instincts make them behave in a manner that could be dangerous for common domestic exposure. This include running around your domestic residential property!  The short answer is this: No, you can't file an insurance claim if your prized exotic cat tears up your shingles. There's specific insurance policies that cover these type of animals and the damage they may cause. But a typical residential policy isn't going to provide you coverage or damage compensation. 

Furry critters feasted on your attic beams

If your geographic region is know for its trees and its furry critters, then you know that the possibility for racoons and possums getting inside of your attic is real. You might have heard that they love feasting on a variety of usually non-edible products found in your attic, such as electrical wiring, wood beams, and, depending upon the material used, insulation. With this said, your home insurance policy could provide coverage for damaged wood beams. However, it won't provide coverage for health and safety issues like the clean-up of animal waste, animal carcasses, or any live animals that require pest control specialists to remove them. 

Your canine fur baby chewed a hole in the wall

Dogs are domestic animals that are sometimes prone to anxious behavior, such as making holes in walls. Typically, a homeowner's policy will provide coverage for property damage caused by a dog. It will also provide coverage if your dog causes bodily injury to someone while they are on your property.  There's plenty of scenarios that could arise with animals, so it's best to consult with your insurance agent to understand what may or may not be covered before buying a policy.

Contact a local home insurance company to learn more.