Seven Obstacles You May Have To Overcome When Looking For A Policy To Cover Your Home

Having a homeowners insurance policy is important for protecting your finances. Home insurance is also generally required by mortgage lenders. However, it can be difficult to insure some homes due to a variety of circumstances. 

The following are seven obstacles you may have to overcome when looking for a policy to cover your home. 

The age of your home

Older homes are more likely to require extensive and potentially costly repairs. Before you buy an old home, you should shop around for a homeowners insurance policy and make sure that you'll be able to find adequate coverage for the property in question. 

The geographic location of your home

Properties in certain parts of the country may be difficult or more expensive to insure. If a home is located in an area with an especially high crime rate, it might be hard to find a homeowners insurance policy to cover the home.

It also can be difficult to find coverage for homes located in areas where weather events such as tornadoes and hurricanes are likely to cause extensive damage.  

The presence of certain home recreation features

If you have a recreation feature such as a swimming pool or a trampoline, this can create some unique insurance coverage challenges. That's because your insurance policy will have to cover personal injury damages resulting from the use of a swimming pool or similar home feature.

When you are able to get a homeowners insurance policy on a property with a swimming pool, you need to read the fine print. Your policy might exclude coverage for swimming pool injuries or injuries caused by any other recreational features on your property.  

The pets you own

Owning certain types of pets might make it so that some insurance providers won't be able to offer you home insurance coverage. For example, it's more difficult for pit bull owners to find homeowners insurance coverage. 

The credit and financial history of you and any co-owners

A homeowners insurance provider is going to want to check your credit to make sure that you're likely to keep up with policy payments. If your credit history is poor, you might struggle to find an insurance provider that will offer you a policy on your home. 

The property's condition

Even newer homes can sometimes be in poor shape because of issues like shoddy construction. Insurance providers will inspect your home before insuring it.

If a property is not in the best condition, homeowners insurance providers might insist that the property owner makes some repairs before offering coverage. 

The property's history

Insurance providers may be reluctant to insure a property if there have been many insurance claims filed on that property in recent years. 

For more information on a homeowners insurance policy, contact a professional near you.