3 Types Of Coverage You Need To Make Sure You Have With Homeowner’s Insurance

Having the right coverages and amounts of homeowner's insurance is vital if you want to fully protect your home and everything you own. To make sure you have enough coverage, you should contact a homeowner's insurance agency to speak to someone about your needs, and the agent you speak to might discuss the following three important types of coverage you might need. 1. Coverage for all the structures on your property or storage units  Read More 

A Guide To Getting The Most From Your Garage Home Office

Running a business from home is a feat that so many aspire to do. When you are trying to really grow that home business, there also needs to be some semblance of separation. If you work from home every day, it's easy to either get casual about your work or find it difficult to relax in your own home when you aren't on the clock.  The remedy to this problem is carving out a space for your home office that feels like a real office and is only for business purposes. Read More 

6 Driver-Based Factors That Impact Your Car Insurance

Auto insurance companies do not just look at your vehicle when determining your premium; they also look closely at you as an individual and a driver. #1 Your Age Your age has a big impact on your insurance rates. Teenagers and young adults face higher insurance rates, with the magic age to start getting an age-related discount at being 25. That discount for age will not last your entire life. As you start to advance in your years, you may start to see an increase in your premium again, as older drivers are considered a little bit more of a risk to insure than middle-aged drivers. Read More 

2 Benefits Of Joining An Insurance Network

If you are a small insurance agency, you may be worried about what you can do in order to keep your small agency going and maybe even growing, if at all possible. One of the things that you might do is to join an insurance network. Before you make the decision as to whether or not you are going to join a network, you need to know what some of the benefits are so that you can decide whether or not they work for you. Read More