Top 3 Things Your Car Insurance Agent Wants You To Do For Faster Service

Speaking to a car insurance agent will help you save time and money when shopping for coverage. An independent agent can help you get the best deal that suits your budget and needs. 

Here is a look at some tips on what you can do to help the car insurance agent to serve you better for a seamless and hassle-free experience.

1. Share Your Current Rates and Coverages

Share what you are currently working with, and the car insurance agent can tell you right away if they can beat the rate. This will save you both time, and you can always move along if the agent cannot offer you a better quote with lower rates.

2. Start Early

Don't wait until your policy is up for renewal to start gathering quotes. Get in touch with a car insurance agent around at least a few weeks, so they have time to conduct extensive research and get more than just a few quotes for comparison. 

It is also great to start early so that you can take time to discuss at length your current coverage and rates and what you are looking for as you shop around for a new policy. This will put you both on the same page, and the information you provide will give the agent better direction as they put together the quotes.

3. Share What You're Willing to Do to Save Money

Your car insurance agent will no doubt come back to you with a few options on how you can save money on insurance costs. The options are varied and viable, but it ultimately comes down to whether or not you are willing and ready to play ball.

Are you willing to bundle your insurance needs under one insurance carrier? This means having other insurance policies such as homeowners' insurance and life insurance in addition to the car assurance by the same company. 

Bundling will qualify you for a significant discount. Similarly, let the car insurance agent know if you can afford and are willing to pay for your policy in lump sums, annually or every six months. This payment schedule is cheaper than making monthly payments.

Working with an independent insurance agent is a good idea as you get a broader range of products from various insurers from which to choose. Communicate effectively as outlined and do it early, and your agent will have an easier time finding the right car insurance coverage to meet your needs and budget. Close collaboration with the agent will see you save both time and money.

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